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Many people are still being quoted $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 USD to have their websites built from scratch with no guarantee that best practices in code and security are being adhered to and when it comes to keeping everything up to date…well that costs a whole lot more.

We show you how to do everything from scratch and we also show you how to easily keep everything up to date. This course has the potential to save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in website development costs.

One Of The Best Wordpress Website Courses

The other courses I reviewed had issues with quality of production (visual settings and sound problems). They also didn't follow a systematic syllabus or they fluctuated on the learning level of the student they were addressing.

Some were too "sales-like" versus an actual how-to course. Overall, I felt like I would be wasting my time.

"Michael" however is "right there." He's not telling me how amazing he is or what he can sell me. He's comfortable and sticks to the educational aspect of the course description. He moves through the material with confidence and a touch of practical humour. Love the click sounds at the beginning and end of each section by the way.

LOVE that there is NO music!!! Drowning out the instructors lecture, why do people do that?

I've taken a similar, no-nonsense, Wordpress video tutorial before, sponsored by one of the Wordpress engineers I think. But I couldn't find it online this time around and ended up purchasing this course from Anytime Business Courses.

This course is truly a step by step build your own website manual. Michael instructs you to pause the video and go do this or that, then come back and resume the lesson.

The quick, periodic quizzes help confirm that you are retaining the information. If you get a question wrong, a link pops up to take you to the lesson where that material was covered. There is quick and personal support if you do not understand something.

This course is worth the time and money. You will be well prepared and excited to get started on your new or existing website without having to pay thousands of dollars to have it built for you and/or updated.

5 STARS!!!

Liseetsa Mann Business Owner

You have access to the course for life as per Udemy terms and conditions and their rock solid 30 day money back guarantee. Don’t like it, just not ready to build your site or for whatever reason you have not a problem they’ll refund you the money if within 30 days of purchase.

Take a look at the link below.

This course can be found at please click on the link to view this course.

Build a Professional Business or Personal WordPress Website Course
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